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FOLIOzinfoskills timetable

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Week One-Introduction

7th-10th June


Monday 6th June - Public Holiday

Day 1- Introduction

Day 2- Course Icebreaker

Day 3- An introduction to 'information skils' and 'information skills training' (Briefing)

Day 4- Introduction to the individual assignment


Week Two-Designing information skills training courses

13th-17th June


Monday 13th June - Public Holiday

Day 5- Training Needs Analysis (Briefing)

Day 6- Buddy group/Self-directed task

Day 7-Developing aims, objectives and learning outcomes (Powerpoint)

Day 8-Designing information skills training courses (Briefing)


Week Three- Promoting information skills training courses

20th-24th June


Day 9- Part 1- Individual assignment instructions

Day 10-Creating training course schedules (Buddy group/self-directed task)

Day 11-Catch-up day

Day 12-Promoting information skills training (Briefing)

Day 13- Buddy group task/Self directed task, Promotion Strategies


Week Four-Reading Week

27th June- 1st July


Week Five-Delivering information skills training courses

4th-8th July


Day 14-Guest lecture

Day 15-Delivering information skills training sessions (Briefing)

Day 16-Buddy Group/Self-directed task, struggling student scenario 

Day 17-Catch-up day

Day 18-Individual Assignment


Week Six- Evaluating information skills training courses

11th-15th July


Day 19- Evaluating information skills training courses (Briefing)

Day 20- Feedback on individual assignment

Day 21- Quiz

Day 22- Benchmarking (PowerPoint)

Day 23- Part 2- Individual assignment instructions


Week Seven-Conclusion

18th-22nd July 


Day 24- Bibliography + Guided reading

Day 25-Summary of course

Day 26- Info Skills Gallery

Day 27- Quiz answers/competition results

Day 28- Course conclusion



Week Nine- Task completion and portfolio submission

Friday 5th August


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