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Q and A Wiki

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 10 months ago

Welcome to the Q & A Wiki!


This page will be continually updated as the InfoSkills course goes on.


As we receive your queries and questions in the Q & A sessions, they will be posted on this Wiki (anonymously) along with the responses given by The FOLIOZ Team.





Subject: Course length for assignment purposes


I have limited time to spend with my students- only 1.5 hours. You have mentioned that our course should not exceed two half days or one full day. What is the minimum requirement for how long the course should be?


This is a good question. We want your courses to be as useful as possible after you've completed the InfoSkills course, so the more relevant they are to your situation, the better. So, if you're limited in terms of time spent with students (as is so often the case!) reflect this in your course length. 1.5 hours is perfectly acceptable. However, for assignment purposes, the shortest duration for a course would be 1 hour.





Subject: Buddy group correspondence


As we work our way through the course and the exercises, do you want a copy of all correspondence between members of the buddy group or just the results at the end?


That's a good question. Basically, we mark your completed portfolios on a range of criteria, one of which is how well you have interacted and worked with your buddies on the buddy group tasks. So we need enough evidence in your portfolio to demonstrate this. If you include as many messages/discussions as you feel demonstrates your level of interaction with your buddies, that will be fine. So, if you just put the results at the end- we wouldn't be able to see how you'd arrived at your conclusion with your buddies. Having said that, don't feel you have to put absolutely every message sent between your buddy group! Just enough to show us how well you have all worked together.


We don't need a copy of your buddy messages as the course progresses i.e. you don't need to copy the FOLIOz team into your buddy group discussions. We're happy to look at your buddy group discussions when it comes to marking your portfolio. However, if you are unable to contact/receive messages from your buddies you *must* contact the FOLIOz team so we can put it right.



Subject: Training needs assessment and Part 1 assignment


Are we expected to include a training needs assessment questionnaire in assignment one?


We don't expect you to include a training needs assessment in your assignment. However, it states in the Part 1 assignment that

we'd like you to justify your choices in terms of your course selection e.g. small or large group size, topic area, duration for course etc. For e.g. the

other day you mentioned you would like to do a course on teaching your new academics about how to use electronic resources for student learning e.g. blackboard. So if you provide some reasons why you think this would be a good idea, that will be fine. If you have done a training needs assessment and want to include any information you found out, please do. However it is not essential.


Subject: Where do I email Part 1 assignment on Fri 2nd Nov?



I'm a little confused about submission of the Assignment (Part 1) tomorrow. Are we submitting it to the InfoSkills course co-ordinators as well as to a buddy for feedback?  If it is just going to a buddy for feedback tomorrow, wen does the final submission of the Assignment  (Part 1) occur?  If you ould clarify this, I would be most grateful.



Thanks for your message. You need only send your assignment to your buddies tomorrow and decide between you who will provide feedback on each others assignment. On Tuesday, I will provide some criteria that will help you provide feedback on each others assignments.


So it isn't necessary to email the FOLIOz team your assignment just yet. Although, we will be asking you to do this at a later date (9th Nov) once you've made any changes to it. This is so we can put all the Part 1 assignments into a Gallery so you can have a nosey at each others work. Sending your Part1  assignment so it can be put into the Gallery is not compulsory to pass the course and if participants aren't happy to have their work displayed, that's fine. The idea behind it is to provide a reusable resource, so after the course has finished you can always check out the Gallery for ideas for any further courses you might design. The absolute final date for submission of the Part 1 assignment is along with your completed portfolio which is the 30th November.







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